Donald Anderson: This is Edinburgh’s dumbest dog walker

Dog dirt bagged but not binned - even though that would be easy
Dog dirt bagged but not binned - even though that would be easy
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The council doesn’t drop any litter. Indeed, the council doesn’t walk dogs around the city and let them mess up the place. It’s people that do that, and sometimes people can be really dumb.

This picture was taken on Friday in the car park at Morrisons Store on Gilmerton Road. For some time, a dog walker has gone to the trouble of bagging their dog’s poop and then just dumping it in the car park.

There are four bins near each corner of the supermarket and one right outside the front door. I know this because I walk my dogs there regularly.

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To dump their dog mess here this person walks past a bin going into the grounds and then walks past one going out.

For good measure, they go to the trouble of bagging it, so it will lay there for ages.

I did clean this up after the pic (I think the couple in the car nearby thought I was nuts), but nobody should have to.

So, when you see things like this I would urge you not to just blame the council.

This is entirely the fault of people like Edinburgh’s “Dumbest Dog Walker”.

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