Donald Wilson: Edinburgh’s piping celebration

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The Tattoo is known globally for pipes, but we should remember the Capital also celebrates this great instrument says, Donald Wilson

When it comes to culture, you’d be hard pushed to find a city more varied in its entertainment offering than Edinburgh.

And, in the coming days and weeks, we will welcome a whole wealth of talent from across the globe, embracing the colour, diversity and excitement that they bring with them.

Equally, we are keen to showcase our own culture and tradition to the many thousands of visitors to this country and great city, and one of the most popular symbols Scotland is known for on a worldwide stage is piping.

Piping and tartan are synonymous with Scotland, no matter where you are in the world.

Perhaps piping is something we take for granted as we welcome visitors and extol the virtues of national culture without having explored it fully ourselves? The Military Tattoo is of course a headline event in the piping calendar.

But did you know that Edinburgh is also playing host to its own pipe band championship next month?

As Chieftain of this year’s championship, I am proud to showcase events that really put Scotland on the map where piping, culture and our heritage are concerned.

Our goal is to encourage both locals and visitors to explore Edinburgh and everything our great capital city has to offer.

I believe we have a duty to encourage future generations to take the reins in terms of keeping our heritage alive. Too often traditional activities in this country can be seen as being old fashioned, but it’s up to people like us to show them for what they really are: a beautiful, exciting, colourful and noisy slice of our culture.

Now, who wouldn’t like a piece of that?

The Edinburgh Pipe Band Championship is held at the Royal Highland Centre on Saturday August 24.

• Donald Wilson is Edinburgh Lord Provost and chieftain of the Edinburgh Pipe Band Championship