Easy to see why #Toxinfree movement is gaining momentum – Hayley Matthews

When I embarked on a chemical-free mission to eradicate all toxic additives and harmful lotions in my household I had no idea how tough it would be, nor did I realise the huge momentum that the #toxinfree movement was beginning to gain.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 6:00 am
Evolve products get the thumbs up from Hayley

There are people and companies out there whose intention isn’t to fill your body lotions with petrochemicals, it just takes a little bit of extra research to know where to go. My first stop is always health food shops, Real Foods and the like. They always have plenty of natural, vegan and organic items – but those labels don’t mean something is toxin-free.

There’s many an hour I’ve spent recently looking for toxin-free brands and my favourites that I’ve tried so far for face creams and hyaluronic acid (sounds dangerous but it’s not, it hydrates skin helping plump up the wrinkles), are the Evolve and S5 products. Natural, eco, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free and hand-crafted are all labels they have on their products – a collection of words that fill me with delight when I see them on a bottle.

They must be doing something right because they’ve won awards for their efforts at some of the biggest beauty award ceremonies in the country.

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There’s something quite important and equally comforting about using natural products on your skin, especially since the epidermis (fancy word for our skin) absorbs approximately 85 per cent of what you put on it. Would you slather yourself in petrol when filling up the car? Probably not, but it’s not far off some of the nasties that I’ve discovered are pumped in to our cheap lotions and potions.

So well done Evolve and S5. I’m excited about what the future holds for a natural, cruelty-free skincare brand from the UK.

Breast is best – even with the tweaking

I’ve said before how I’m an avid supporter of breastfeeding babies – and if a mother is able and willing, it’s genuinely one of the best and most natural things you can do for your child.

I’m still breastfeeding little baby Oryn and plan to do so for quite some time yet, unlike his big brother who bit me at six months, found it hilarious and refused the booby bar completely. I was heartbroken.

After reading all the benefits that come with nursing a baby until they reach two years of age, I decided early on that I’m determined to nurse Oryn as long as possible.

I’ve heard so many mums sing the praises of breastmilk for sticky eyes, ear infections and the common cold. It really does deserve its nickname “liquid gold”.

The one thing I am struggling with slightly is the 6am nipple-tweaking sessions that come with the commitments of nursing during the early hours. I have to laugh as it’s all purely innocent and incredibly sweet.

I’m sure I’m not the only mum with a baby who takes lots of comfort in feeding from one boob whilst playing away with the other, tweaking and flicking it whilst trying to work out how it does what it does. I find it adorable, albeit a little uncomfortable when his nails get to Edward Scissorhands status.

The one bonus I’ve discovered from our early morning nipple-tweaking sessions is that I no longer need to set an alarm, so I’ll make the coffees!