The easy way to make Christmas ‘perfect’ – Hayley Matthews

Don’t try to make Christmas ultra-perfect, just make sure you relax and have a nice time with your loved ones, writes Hayley Matthews.

Saturday, 14th December 2019, 6:00 am
Will Ferrell stars in Christmas classic Elf

During the week I drove past some really beautiful Christmas windows – they were truly beautiful.

Very expensive looking decorations, golden-clad windowsills and soft twinkly lights adorned many of the Morningside bay windows that I was ogling from the car. I could feel the pressure mounting in me to get ready for the big day because I am way behind.

In my head I started to list all the things I still need to do such as get a tree, dig out the decorations, clean my windows, get my roots done, find an outfit for Christmas Day, wax my chin, get the Dorothy ruby red slipper-coloured nails etc – and the list goes on.

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I had to stop myself because it really gets out of hand. What’s all the fuss for? I know it’s a special day and everybody wants to look their best but I realised it was all things I “wanted” to do, not “needed” to do.

It can all get a bit extreme so I’ve tried to put things in perspective and this is what I’m telling myself four days into my Christmas tree sitting in the hall, bare, with no spotlight yet.

It’s the small things that matter – forget about the messy house and spend time with your kids, go out for a walk with your loved ones and ignore all the house work, leave the washing to pile up and sit and watch Elf and just enjoy yourselves.

Most people I speak to, say it’s been a stressful year so I think some relaxation is needed. I promise not to have an ultra-perfect Christmas and I hope it gives you some inspiration to relax a little because believe me – I think we all need it!