Edinburgh councillors’ backing for a motion to name a street or part of the new Sick Kids hospital after fund-raiser Tom Gilzean has won strong approval

Evening News readers are right behind a plan to honoiur local charity hero Tom Gilzean. Here are some of your thoughts

Sunday, 24th November 2019, 4:00 pm

Fantastic, recognition for all this wonderful man did for charity.

Fern Murray

What an amazing thing to do for such an incredible man.

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Cheryl Tarbet

I should think so too. Nobody has done more and I agree that he should have been given a knighthood. He gave everything selflessly.

Susan Madden

What a great tribute to a real hero and memories for the hard work Tom did.

Margaret Muir

Street for me. Sick Kids is looking like next century at this rate! Plus streets stay, buildings come and go, especially with this council! RIP sir.

Lesley Allison

I really hope so. He’s a real hero and must never be forgotten. His family would be so proud of him leaving this legacy. The man should have been given a knighthood. He stands for all Edinburgh should be proud of. Legend.

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Edinburgh councillors back motion to name city street or part of new Sick Kids h...

Tracey Mitchell

Brilliant idea. He raised so much for the Sick Kids.

Margaret Crawford

Wonderful news in memory of a very special human being.

Marion C McLauchlan

Best thing the council has done in years. But let’s see if they deliver on time, on budget and to the required standard.

Andy Watts

That’s fabulous, and least they could do.

Lydia Buchanan

Why not a street and the new Sick Kids? Nothing more fitting for one of Edinburgh’s most famous and much loved sons.

David Lee

I am sure Tom would be so proud to have his name somewhere within the Sick Kids.

Margaret Cummings

Very worthy of that honour and I hope that it happens.

Agnes Gibson

An amazing guy. Deserving of any tribute.

Paul Sloan

The hospital should be named after him, or a department within the hospital. The man is a saint.

Carolyn Fielding

Name the road to the hospital or the courtyard in front and get a statue erected so everyone can still see the mighty man on our streets.

Suzanne Ridell

A statue of him with a collection box so he can keep on collecting. A street? Sure, but an entire hospital? Doubt it. It’s called the Sick Kids, ken?

Richard Bell

Probably be quicker to name a street after him because the Sick Kids ain’t opening any time soon.

Heather Anderson

Well done the council, they’re getting it right for once.

John Holt

Andy’s back

‘The NHS saved my life... they are brilliant’ - Edinburgh panto legend Andy Gray on his cancer battle

Fantastic news. Delighted to have Andy back where he belongs, on stage at the panto. Looking forward to seeing panto on 30 November.

Lynne Lineen

Well done on your recovery Andy,it will be great to see you back, so happy at this news.

Jean Huckle

Looking forward to seeing him back in panto. Thank goodness for the NHS.

Sheila Binnie

Good man and I’m so pleased to hear this. You have given my kids years of joy. Thank you Andy.

Tracey Mitchell

Fab. Can’t wait to see the three amigos together again.

Isobel Fraser

Yes, the NHS are great but overworked, with people going to them with coughs and colds, but very good. I have no complaints against them.

Denise Howard

The NHS saved my life twice, Andy, at Western General Hospital.

Bill Logie

Hope you will be popping into Shieldinch too.

Nan Wilson

Scottish Health Service, second to none.

Julie Logan

I hope to see you back in River City, Andy. Stay strong and god bless you.

Sharon Mcaloon

Studio 24

The former Edinburgh music venue where Nirvana played twice is being knocked down to build flats

Should never have shut. It was a legendary place, where all the alternative folk grew up together. It was also a fantastic venue, the type of club where there was very little trouble after a night out. I remember most people leaving quietly and just heading home. I have many memories of going since I was 13 and I’m glad I got to play on stage one. Another lost bit of history.

Lee Smith

Edinburgh has been needing a decent concert venue for some time. The Corn Exchange hardly have concerts now. Murrayfield, Princes Street Gardens and Playhouse are only used during the summer/festival. This leaves the Usher Hall. I have noticed over the last ten years that we have even fewer bands playing in Edinburgh due to lack of venues. The council must be aware of this but would rather focus on the tourist industry and the trams than cater for the residents.

Leigh SK