Edinburgh residents give their views on the fate of iconic Jenners store

Evening News readers believe Princes Street won’t be the same without Jenners. Here are some of your responses

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 5:00 pm

Princes Street won’t be the same without Jenners. My aunty Daisy worked all her working life in the china department from the 1920s to 1960s.

Caroline Moffat

What a pity! It will not be nice to walk around Princes Street and see it transformed into a street with no history, only with large chain stores that have little to do with the history and charm of Edinburgh.

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Susanna Lanzoni

That’s very sad. To me this was the shop. Magical at Christmas.

Allie A Berry

Yaaayyyy. Replacing it with yet another overpriced hotel... coz that’s exactly what Edinburgh needs!

Lynda Matear

Jenners is my favourite shop, it’s so beautiful. Princes Street won’t be the same if it goes.

Bronwen Banks

How many could actually afford to shop there anyway? Keep voting to stay British and this will happen more as folk get more skint.

Kass Lovatt

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The city centre was trashed years ago. First the parking, then the ridiculous rates.

Craig Marshall

RIP Princes Street.

Lorna Gatens

Edinburgh has lost so much since the 90s. It’s now become a gigantic Disneyworld type, airbnb town. Jenners will shut, welcoming more temporary beds type accommodation. More Christmas sheds and now a naff Poundland. The city is still beautiful but the council truly did a great job in destroying the magic. Wait until the horrific ribbon centre opens.

Haroun Ray

Well, all those posh people who moaned about the Poundland shop opening, I bet they are sick now.

Janette M Mcara

Centre of excellence

Shops and food outlets confirmed for Edinburgh’s rebuilt 1.7 million sq-ft St James shopping centre.

No charity chops then. Sadly won’t get my business. Mango, mind you, did make a lovely perfume. The only other Stradivarius fashion store I’ve seen is in Malta. Nothing special. Always nice to have a mix of shops. Just a personal view.

Alison Brydon

Will be interesting to see the finished look. Looking forward to seeing all the great shops open. I just hope Princes Street shops don’t get left behind.

Deborah Minch

Would love a Disney store back in the city centre!

Abi Franklin

Am I the only one who has never heard of Mango before – aside from the fruit?

Stacey Gage

Muirhouse shopping centre is going to have to up its game to remain Edinburgh’s premier shopping centre.

Dean Thomson

What a truly ghastly piece of ‘architecture’!

Sue Pirnie

Essentially, from what has been mentioned, apart from Mango, you’re still shopping in one shop – Inditex.

Damien Lindsay

We do need to match other city centre shopping areas. We are the capital of Scotland after all. Where are our big attractions?

Vikki Swan

It reads like a list of who SHOULD be trading on Princes Street! Can’t wait.

Louise Nicolson

Sounds like a great addition to the city.

Robyn Thomson

Hope there’s gonna be decently priced shops in there and not just high end stores.

Regan Lockhart

But shopping centres are a thing of the past, everyone goes online now.

David Culling

Wouldn’t be able to afford anything from these designer shops.

Joyce Combe

So city centre retail shopping is going to make a comeback!

Stevie Lewis

Finally, a shopping centre worthy of a capital city.

Martin Gage

Three-storey Zara? They shut the Livingston one because it wasn’t making money, and it was an outlet.

Nnicol Eemma

Silent nights

Council to push for ‘disruptive’ fireworks to be reduced to bring peace and quiet to Edinburgh.

I agree immensely with organised events only. My dogs are petrified. They get so ill with fear.

Babs Cockburn

It’s not just two nights a year, fireworks are set off for weeks before and after 5 November. People were asking for organised displays only.

Alison Henderson

Make them use silent ones, especially in Edinburgh during August -six nights a week for the whole festival.

Lizz Rennie

Honestly, I don’t know any other city that has as many fireworks displays as Edinburgh!

Steven Crawford