Edinburgh residents give their views on Princes Street’s latest new store

Evening News readers respond to columnist Hayley Matthews’ thoughts on a new Poundland store on Princes Street. Here are some of your responses

Monday, 25th November 2019, 5:00 pm
Poundland opens for business on Princes Street

Why would you even be proud to have this on a famous high street? Primark is bad enough!

Nikki Sneddon

Aah well, the Edinburgh snobs should stop shopping online then.

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Liz Rae

It sells tat like most of the tartan shops in Princes Street. I mean you can buy a genuine tartan kilt made in China on the street, so another tat shop, what’s the difference? Such a sad street now. I used to love a wander up town but now it’s distasteful and so many good shops have gone away and this is the capital of Scotland – bad times.

Pauline Steven

There is a Poundworld shop at Seafield retail centre closed down months ago and was so busy. Lots of parking etc. Why can’t Poundland open that up? The did in Cameron Toll when they took over the Poundworld shop there... Massive success. This would be too, for sure.

Kirsty Hannigan

I think it’s welcome instead of empty shops. And if Princes Street is meant to be a prestige place for shops, what about all the people begging on the street, does that not lower the tone of Princes Street?

Helen Blackwood

Better a busy shop employing staff than an empty one, or worse still, another cheap tat shop!

Audrey Loy

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Edinburgh snobs should stop whinging about Poundland on Princes Street – Hayley ...

Good grief, it’s a shop, providing jobs in a high street. You go on about posh shops, Jenners is owned by Sports Direct now. People moaned when Primark opened, yet it’s the busiest shop on the street; they moaned about Sports Direct opening there, again it’s always busy. The Works, at one point it was called Bookworld, has been there for years and it’s a cheap shop, again always busy. A street has to diversify, otherwise it’s just a row of empty shops. Princes Street has always been a mix of every type of shop, for all budgets. It’s has not always been posh shops only.

Lizz Rennie

This shop might not be to everyone’s taste, but it is clearly needed. Would you prefer another empty space or another shop fleecing tourists with outrageously overpriced goods?

Martyn Dewar

It will be amazing to the snobs who use it. Just look at Lidl and Aldi.

Andrew Gibson

Poundland’s offers are very good deals. Many brands are the same as Tesco and Sainsbury’s. I cannot understand why people who buy at Poundland are labelled as ‘poor’. That’s offensive.

Paulo Mazzanti

At least you can get a can of juice for a pound and not be over charged. In Princes Street Gardens I paid £2.50 in the summer for one.

Janette M Mcara

Central Edinburgh used to be the place to visit and shop. Sadly no longer the case with high parking charges and constant roadworks. I’d rather a Poundland giving folk a job than sitting empty. The higher ups in Poundland must be sure its economically viable or they wouldn’t have opened.

Andrew Wright

I like Poundland. Many good value items. A few items are more than £1 nowadays but that’s good. I bought a soft toy for £5 last week which I would have paid £10 or more for elsewhere.

Mary Graham

I don’t think it’s the fact that it’s Poundland – I buy things from this shop – it’s the location. Princes Street used to be a beautiful walk for tourists and the likes. There’s nothing but beggars, junkies and pickpockets now. Call me a snob, but I really don’t think it’s the sort of place I’d like to take my three-year-old granddaughter.

Paula Gardner

I emigrated from the UK 21 year ago and came home for the first time three years ago and was totally shocked at how shabby Princes Street looked between the tacky shops and the beggars. Sorry to say, but I’m glad I don’t live there anymore!

Sandra Scott

It’s the way the UK is going, so why not?

James W Quinn

Seeing the light

Cyclists offered bicycle lights as police launch new road safety campaign in Edinburgh.

Love how the council have completely backed down on enforcing cyclist to wear a high vis vest. Y’know to keep them #lightup and safe? But no, the all powerful cyclists have a wee rant about that and get a free light instead. Would be much cheaper to hand the vest out than a light I would imagine?. Where is the money coming from for this then?

Jamie Begg

Can I have some free light bulbs for my car as well please...? Oh, wait, I’m responsible for that? Well cyclists should be held accountable for their own lights. Hit a few of them with fines and prosecutions for dangerous cycling and word will soon spread that cyclists need to behave within the law and fit their own lights.

Benjamin Hussain