Euan McGrory: Football fans would love switch from Hampden to Murrayfield

No sooner does one party roll out of town, than we are talking about the possibility of another one booking in.

Murrayfield Stadium. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire
Murrayfield Stadium. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

As the curtain comes down on another record-breaking Edinburgh festival season, there has barely been time to take stock before facing up to another decision that will potentially have a huge impact on the Capital. Tomorrow the Scottish Football Association is expected to decide whether or not to move out of its historic home in Glasgow and into a new era at Murrayfield Stadium.

The home of Scottish Rugby would make a superb base for our national sport. Fans would enjoy a far superior matchday experience to that on offer at Hampden Park. Everything would be better from the transport links to the stadium, the on-site pre and post-match entertainment and the stadium itself. The economic benefit to the city as a whole would be enormous with tens of thousands of supporters flocking to regular fixtures.

For the football authorities, it will be a decision tinged by emotion as ever Scot who loves the sport has so many memories tied to Hampden Park. Moving to Edinburgh would be a siesmic shift - but the fans would have no reason to look back.