Euan McGrory: Meadowbank is facing growing pains

The new-look Meadowbank Sports Centre
The new-look Meadowbank Sports Centre
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Meadowbank is about to change dramatically - for the better and the worse.

The crumbling athletics arena and ageing sports halls which have become synonymous with the area over the last 50 years are to go. In their place, we are to get a £47 million modern sports centre, with far superior community facilities but no ability to hold major sporting events.

The neighbourhood itself, a relatively quiet corner of the city, despite being so close to the city centre, is going to become much busier. New homes (a figure of 360 has been suggested), shops and offices will bring new life. Hundreds more people will get the chance to live in Edinburgh that would otherwise be crowded or priced out.

These are unsettling times though for those living in the neighbourhood. Like many others across the Capital they have very real and very reasonable concerns about the impact on their neighbourhood. How will the local streets cope with the flood of extra cars? What about the local schools and GPs? Most residents will recognise that the city needs to build more homes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have legitimate concerns which must be heard.