Euan McGrory: The Voice singer Saskia Eng has always been a star

Saskia Eng performs on the Voice
Saskia Eng performs on the Voice
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She impressed Fringe crowds so much as a busker on the Mound that she was showered with up to £100 an hour.

She earned a standing ovation when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent as a nine-year-old. Others will know Saskia Eng as the YouTube sensation whose specially adapted version of Adele’s Hello to mark the closure of the Forth Road Bridge in 2015 went viral. Now the 16-year-old from Murrayfield - a pupil at the celebrated City of Edinburgh Music School - is aiming to impress Sir Tom Jones, and the rest of the judges on The Voice tonight.

My money is on Saskia to prove a smash hit again. has made an art out of guessing the age of some of the young performers on the show, but I doubt he will able to tell the Saskia is still at school.

She has always had a tremendously powerful voice which amazed me and the rest of the crowd at the Festival Theatre in 2013 when she entered the Evening News talent show Edinburgh has Talent. At the age of 12, she looked tiny on the big stage, and adorable with her head full of bouncing curls - everyone stopped in their tracks when she sang. She and her family are very modest about her talent. They deserve all the success that is no doubt coming her way.