Euan McGrory: Waverley Station is still second class

Waverley Station. Pic: Jon Savage
Waverley Station. Pic: Jon Savage
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A Visit to Waverley Station is not all that it should be.

The staff can be excellent, friendly and helpful, but the overall experience is all too often frustrating and hard work.

Network Rail has invested a great deal in the station in recent years - but it is still crying out for major improvements.

How else is it going to cope with an expected almost doubling in passenger numbers in the coming years? The strain of a doubling in footfall over the last decade is plain for all to see, so how is it going to manage the same again without significant further investment.

This is after all the gateway into Scotland for millions of visitors every year. The experience should shout out quality - instead it bears no comparison to the major London stations or those in most other European Capitals.

It has been pointed out that the station could use more shops and places to grab something to eat and drink.

We would settle for somewhere easy to grab a cab and ladies loos where you don’t have to queue for up to 20 minutes in the middle of August. Given the length of time it takes to get things done in the city centre, plans need to be drawn up quick.