Evening News readers respond to fears that free fares for over-60s on Edinburgh trams could be scrapped

Edinburgh council are considering saving nearly £700, 000 by ending free tram passes for pensioners. Here are a selection of your thoughts.

Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 5:00 pm

I wonder how many OAPs use the tram just as a means of somewhere warm to sit for free. Just as you see so many potentially homeless people using the public libraries to keep warm.

Ken Johnston

I am a pensioner and have a balance problem. I find the trams so much easier as regards access and exit. I have yet to travel on an empty tram.

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Lyzzie Dell

Considering that very few pensioners live near to a tramline I think this idea is ridiculous. They are probably worried that more of them will use it in the future once the second leg is completed. Let’s get a new council.

Mary McRae

It would be interesting to have a poll to see how many citizens of Edinburgh have ever actually been on a tram. I’ve not and don’t think I know anyone else who has!

Paula Thomson

I’ve never been on a total waste of money tram – five years late, cost twice as much and only half the route.

Derek Gilhooley

A tourist tax to pay for touristy things would make more sense, but there’s not a lot of that in Edinburgh council. I don’t use trams as it’s not that convenient living in Currie. Certainly won’t use them at all if they start charging.

Patricia Connell

How many Edinburgh citizens have easy access to a tram? Not me, I live in Clermiston.

James Taylor

Council need the money for all the new iPhones they are buying their staff.

Yvonne Clark

It’s already only free for Edinburgh pensioners. It will become just for tourists and the in-work. I use the buses as they are free and go closer to the airport.

Jacqueline Bell

This must be the worst council in Scotland over their treatment of pensioners. You work your whole life and you get nothing back to give you at least some quality time left on earth.

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Free fares for over-60s on Edinburgh trams could be scrapped in latest council c...

Terry Brennan

I live in West Lothian and our over 60s get concessions on the trains, but like Edinburgh due to having to make cutbacks they are considering scrapping this. I’d much rather they do that than perhaps have to cut jobs. I think all councils are having to make tough decisions due to funding cuts.

Lorraine Marshall

The trams will be empty then, as who do you think uses public transport during the day? PENSIONERS.

Jean Watt

Well they’ve got to find money from somewhere for those essential trams to Newhaven.

Cathie Adam

They need to make savings to replace all the bus lane signage when they bring in the 7am to 7pm bus lanes and to pay for the consultation in doing it when the decision has already been made. How stupid do they think the residents of Edinburgh are?

John Holt

Out of order

Edinburgh council are proposing that they pass on the responsibility of paying for concessionary fares to Lothian Buses among a few others. Why should LB be responsible for a tram line that the council decided to build? Completely out of order.

Graham Meighan

I would be eligible as I can’t drive, but pointless using trams as live outside the city centre so scrapping free travel wouldn’t be a problem. I also refuse to use them on the grounds that they are a waste of money.

Christopher Solley

Dear councillors - here’s an idea to save money. Stop subsidising commercial companies like Underbelly who already make a profit from their operations here.

Elizabeth Summerfield

Tell your local councillor that you are not happy.

Jan Buckley

These cuts are being driven by Westminster budget cuts. Our budget has been cut (again) by a further £135 million this year and as a result services will be affected throughout Edinburgh. Remember this when you vote this December.

Rosco Black

When they are the biggest voting age section of society and the main focus is on reducing car travel in the town. Aye, right!

Claire AA Eadie

Typical – make the wrong people pay for the council’s bad money management.

Christine Jones

They could scrap the tram extension and save £200 million and this will pay for the over 60s to ride free for the next 30 years – problem solved.

Kevin Connolly

Apart from pensioners in off- peak times does anyone actually use them? Edinburgh, you reap what you sow – hopefully in this case, nothing.

Tim Shields

I’m sure they would have had plenty more money if they hadn’t built the trams in the first place.

Jenny Thompson

It’s shameful that it was even considered by the SNP group.

Mike Williamson

The trams will be emptier – is it still worth extending the under-used line?

Zor Maung