Evening News readers respond to news that tram consultant contracts worth millions are about to be approved

Our report that work on the Leith Walk to Newhaven tram extension is due to start in November prompted a massive response from readers. Here are just some of the views you shared with us.

Monday, 7th October 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 1:50 am
An artist's impression of the new tram tracks on Leith Walk

And the council want to raise the council tax by 4.9 per cent! Tell them to get their priorities right.

Lennie O’Hara

So the Leith paralysis begins next month. Leith Walk being transformed by one lane traffic will have a huge effect on daily life and business, with diversions clogging side streets as never before. Lord Hardie’s inquiry costing millions should have been published before any considered decision had been made but has failed to appear. £207 million is the starting point but where will it finish? Looking at Leith today, bus provision on a network scale offers a service to the travelling public which cannot be matched by a single line tram. There is no business case for the extension which will forever operate at a loss as does the existing phase one of this mysterious project. At a time when finance is scarce for our crumbling city, it is difficult to believe that politicians make this a priority, adding to our significant debt pile.

Peter Sargent

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Millions paid for consultants as Edinburgh's £207m tram extension construction set to start within weeks

“One of the key lessons learned from the previous tram project was the value of employing highly qualified experts.” The fact that this was a lesson that even needed to be learned tells you all you need to know about why staggeringly arrogant, yet wholly incompetent Edinburgh Council shouldn’t ever be allowed to be involved in projects more complicated than emptying bins.

Alan Brown

Brilliant, about time too. At last the city is dragging itself into the 21st century. Let’s ban all cars from the city centre too.

Colin J Whitson

As long as they sort out the budget problem, then fair play, it should be rolled out across the city. I use it a lot from Sighthill into town and it’s brilliant, a lot better, quicker and emissions friendlier that the bus. Needs to be done right though with minimum cost to the tax payer and any profits go back into it rather than the council’s pockets until it’s paid for.

Ricky Stewart

More money down the drain. There is a great bus service, no need for trams. The money should have gone to the homeless and NHS.

Davie Glasgow

People sleeping in city doorways, massive cuts to vital services due to lack of money, and we are somehow spending hundreds of millions on trams that we don’t need, the public don’t want, we can’t afford to pay for, and which remove money from vital services. It’s insane.

Jon Clark

Edinburgh Council can’t even afford to pick the rubbish up off the streets or empty the bins, but they find money to pour down the drain on these damp squibs.

Philip Caldwell

Track record

Hopefully someone has done the calculations properly. They end up with the begging bowl out as not enough money to finish a project in Edinburgh.

Jim Rutherford

No one wants this! It’s only a small city, the mess, disruption and gross incompetence of the last farce will repeat itself and we will be a laughing stock again.

Philip Duncan

Can’t wait to see the trams running down to Leith/Newhaven.

Martin Paxton

And the council still have the nerve to complain about government budget cuts. Clearly they weren’t needing the funding that much.

Gary David Keith

The council will end up paying much more and the high paying council tax payers will foot the bill. Still no responsibility accepted for the last disaster.

Ian McWilliam

The SNP and Labour have zero care for the public view once again. I am definitely changing my vote at the next council election to the Conservatives. Although they may be struggling at Westminster, they are smashing it at local level.

Thomas Imrie

It will ruin Leith as it ruined the city centre. Traffic chaos for years to come. Well done the arrogant dictators.

James Whitelaw

Absolute joke! I feel for all the businesses which are going to suffer because of the years of work ahead. My work have already shut up shop and left Leith because of the pointless waste of money.

Paul Cuthbert

Just what the people of Edinburgh need.

George Robertson

Not everyone is prejudiced about trams.

Ken Jobling

About time they got it done after all the disruption in years past preparing for it.

Tully Tulley

Meanwhile, in November people will go without heating, hot meals and some not even a roof over their family’s heads.

Toni Edwards