Evening News readers respond to planners’ opposition to Gorgie student flats

Our report on council officials recommending a veto on more student flats prompted a positive response from readers, here are some of the views you shared with us.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 5:00 pm
An artist's impression of the proposed Gorgie flats
An artist's impression of the proposed Gorgie flats

“Recommended for refusal by council officials.” That won’t happen. The council love students almost as much as tourists.

Lucien Romano

Not enough student accommodation in the area?! Try out 355 coming to Pentland House next year and all the rest in Gorgie Road opposite Telephone House. It’s completely out of order now and needs to be looked into. How is this getting the OK from planning? - because I’m sure this will pass eventually, just give them time.

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How an Edinburgh Oyster card might look

Lorraine Landles

If this is subsequently given the green light then it is time to change the legislation/loopholes allowing all these student flats to be built. Enough is enough.

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Gorgie student housing plans set to be refused by Edinburgh Council

Still to go to council sub group for approval - only recommended for refusal by council officials. Still, wait and see. This was the same advice for the student accommodation at Westfield but it was passed by councillors at a planning group meeting.

Angela Astor

Good, some decent affordable housing is required!

Lynn Crozier

We need more affordable social housing. The SNP have built 70,000 in ten years compared to Labour’s 6 in 18 years. But a lot more need to be built with a growing population in Edinburgh.

Scott Mckay

‘The council refuse planning permission to build student accommodation’? That’ll never happen.

David Rebus

Surely it’s time to look after the people of Edinburgh for a change.

Chris MacFarlane

We don’t need any more student flats. Families and the homeless are more in need.

Sheila Lawrie

At last, the right decisions - more council housing, it is about time.

Nancy Morrison

City Farm

Ten groups express an interest in taking over the former Gorgie City Farm, now in liquidation

I hope if all goes well, that all the staff who previously worked at the farm will be reinstated!

Carol-Ann Blaikie

Can’t the crowd funding money raised go to paying insurance, vet bills etc till something is decided? After all, this was what the money was donated for.

Jacqui Hood

Hope and pray someone keeps this amazing place open - keep everything crossed.

Jacqueline Collier

Could an explanation be given about the use of the crowd-funding money? People will think twice about donating if money is not used for the purpose they thought it was set up for. So, as someone mentioned earlier, wasn’t the purpose to keep the farm going until a buyer comes along? Or am I missing something?

Louise Collins Learmonth

They should start charging and entry fee, even if it’s only a couple of pounds.

Liz Stenhouse

Surely £71,000 is enough to keep it going for a few weeks?

Gina Mcleod

Oyster card

A London-style Oyster card for Edinburgh is probably at least five years away for travellers

Why five years away, while Abellio ScotRail has had the system in place for the last six years?

Lofty Stewart

That’s about right, because it is five years in the past in London.

John Whyte

Why, with all the tech genius that’s available?

Lynn Crozier

Edinburgh used to have the Oyster card scheme. Changed to the Day Saver (any bus on/off all day), One Ticket or City Smart. The Young Travellers Card (for the YTS, schools/colleges) also got you discounts in the clothes shops etc.

Gordon Robertson

It would be OK if OAPs from West, East and Midlothian could use their passes on the tram.

Ken Johnston

Integrate trams and buses with contactless and the job’s a good ‘un. Why waste money on creating a new card when the new system on the buses is exactly what this is about. Totally don’t expect this to work across different operators. My Next vouchers don’t work in Burtons, so don’t see why transport for Lothian should entertain interfaces with First Bus etc and vice versa.

Andrew Logan

Oyster cards are used much less in London now because the casual traveller can just use their contactless card, which Edinburgh has recently introduced. So why spend a fortune on an Oyster system that’s no longer needed?

Kenny Beaton

How about free city centre public transport... now how smart would that be... would certainly help our shops and businesses... and stop the car congestion ?

Valerie Thornton Hunter