Fioa Duff: You can’t Thai us down when Kris is in town

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So last Saturday a couple of friends came to stay. Being a couple of foodies I planned for us to have a meal at Passorn, a Thai restaurant that has just opened in Hanover Street.

I didn’t just put a pin in a map, but was going on the reports of several people who said that their meal had been the best Thai food they had ever tasted. When I hear recommendations like that it’s hard to keep me away.

However, the day before they arrived they sent a text to say that Kris Kristofferson was playing at the Queen’s Hall. I thought that they may have actually gone completely doolally. I mean KK is a Hollywood star – he’s been in loads of films, including one that actually managed to bankrupt a whole studio. He wouldn’t have been responsible for any of the debts so why on earth would he be schlepping around strumming his guitar as he hurtled towards his ninth decade?

Anyway, one quick search on the computer and sure enough it was him and he was going to be on stage. Well, we all thought that it was a jolly good idea, and friend’s husband is not only a keen chef but a talented musician. Passorn would be here the next time they visited but Mr Kristofferson was very unlikely to be hanging about.

Needless to say it was a fantastic concert. It may sound like his voice box is located somewhere in his boots, but he’s always been a bit gravelly. We sat there entranced, occasionally humming along and at times marvelling at the wonderful head of hair that he still possesses. His daughter came on and joined him for a couple of songs and during those he just stared across the stage at her, totally besotted and it was really very sweet.

On leaving we bumped into the promoter, Mark Mackie of Regular Music. “That was great to get a last chance to see him” we said. “Don’t worry, he’ll be back next year” was the reply.

Remember – you heard it here first.