Fiona Duff: 20mph speed limit applies to cyclists too

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So, I was doing my good deed of the day, the details of which are too long and complicated to bore you with here.

However, I found myself on one side of Broughton Street, whilst my car was on the other side. I stepped off the pavement and suddenly there was a shout. I looked around to see a bike hurtling towards me and the next moment I was lying on the tarmac.

Cyclists - if the speed limit is 20mph, then please stick to it. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Cyclists - if the speed limit is 20mph, then please stick to it. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

As this happened beside The Phoenix pub I can’t imagine that it was the first time that a body has lain on that particular part of the road. But I swear to the Lord above that not a drop of alcohol had passed my lips.

As I looked up from my prone position, I saw one car travelling down the street and another on the way up. Well, I have to tell you that I was unaware that I was still able to move so quickly. In a flash I was beside my trusty Polo and had the key in the door.

The cyclist had stopped but seemed more concerned about his bike than yours truly. If I hadn’t been in a state of shock I would probably have had a few words with him.

You see Broughton Street is, I believe, part of Edinburgh City Council’s new 20mph speed limit area. That bike was going a heck of a lot faster when it encountered me. I am not ­anti-cyclist, although it would take more than the offer of a Mars Bar to get me to travel around town on two wheels, but it does seem that these chaps on bikes feel that they are sometimes above the laws of the road.

I know that, against a car, they would definitely come off worse, and there are many drivers who seem oblivious to their presence. But come on bikers, stick to the speed limit and try to avoid knocking us over. I mean, having to reapply varnish to my chipped talons was not how I planned to spend Tuesday night.