Fiona Duff: A slice of Sri Lanka on the Southside

A Sri Lankan cocktail should go down very nicely
A Sri Lankan cocktail should go down very nicely
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In a previous life I did a lot of travelling to far-flung places. I have been on the Trans-Siberian railway, lots of countries in South America and other places which are unknown to many people. I even went to China before it was the westernised place that it is now.

However, I have never been to Sri Lanka, although it is a place to which many friends have travelled and all say is fabulous. I have it on my destination wish list but who knows if that will ever become a reality.

In the meantime the mountain has come to Mohammed and if I really want to see a bit of that country I just need to get my carcass over to Summerhall, where the Sri Lankan culture is being celebrated.

There’s art on the walls and performances on the stage all of which, I imagine, are colourful and full of life. This weekend there is Eat Sri Lanka – not a challenge of course but a chance to sample traditional dishes created by Chef Ranjith Vitharanage. Expect a bit of spice with all that and I am sure that I am sure I shall be able to entice Him Outdoors along as he is rather fond of is grub. The spicier the better for him.

As well as that there are special cocktails being created – some will be using something called Ceylon Arrack. I have never heard of this spirit but apparently it goes down a treat in Sri Lanka, so I shall perhaps manage to have my first taste. If it doesn’t hit the spot there’s always the delicious Pickering,s gin which is produced at that very venue. Did you know that it comes with a slice of grapefruit?

While I am at Summerhall I hope to be able to get into a couple of their Fringe shows which seem to be clocking up stars at an incredible rate. Perhaps the Royal Observatory should be moving there for the rest of August just to keep an eye on them all.