Fiona Duff: Bridging the gap until I can play cards again

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Once the school summer holidays start there are a few things that go by the wayside. Most pleasant is the absence of the need to get out of bed at the crack of dawn in order to proffer some cereal to my daughter. This does of course mean that the dogs have to cross their legs for a bit longer before hitting the park in the morning. But as long as they don’t use the carpet it’s not going to bother me – heck it’s not as though they come and moan or wake me up.

Seeing other school mums drops to minimal social events as well. It’s not as if we run out of things to say, it just seems that without the structure of a school week we just can’t find the time to meet. To be honest we’re probably all ferrying our offspring around town all day.

However, what I miss most of all is playing bridge. I know I sound like the most frightful bore, but it’s actually a really good fun game. It is sociable (you do need to gather another three people), uses your brain, so I reckon it must be doing something to stave off dementia, and when my gang plays it also involves much food and wine.

Oddly enough the hiatus during the summer shouldn’t really have anything to do with school as of the seven people with whom I most regularly play, only one other has a school-age child. And from my point of view, if you don’t have kids at school, there is no point in going on holiday during July and August. I mean have you noticed the difference in price between early June and mid-August?

So it’s time to get the cards out and brush up my Blackwood (which isn’t nearly as saucy as it sounds). I may have lost a little bit of weight without the regular meetings but my brain is draining and I am severely lacking on any juicy gossip.