Fiona Duff: Don’t limber up for the festive season just yet

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If there is one thing that drives me a bit crackers each year it’s Christmas decorations.

Not per se, of course; I love having a nice fir tree in the sitting room festooned with lights and baubles. It’s the people that start the day after Hallowe’en. One of the prime culprits is The Dome, where the pillars outside are draped with fake greenery and red bows for two months. Even my children, when they were younger, used to point at them and discuss how ridiculous it looked.

Anyway, on Tuesday this week even I started to get a bit excited about Christmas. I went along to the launch of Capital Christmas and listened as those two charming young chaps (well, less aged than yours truly) who are normally here in the summer to run the Underbelly venue talk about their plans for December in Edinburgh.

I realise that there are some who ain’t too keen on parts of George Street being closed, but I don’t work for the Edinburgh City Council planning department so no point in complaining to me.

Yuletime in Edinburgh has been a tad tacky over the past few years, so it’s about time that it was given a bit of a shoogle. One of the new attractions will be one of those lovely Spiegletents in St Andrew Square where you’ll be able to see Limbo (pictured above), which is described as “an international circus sensation”. Now I can attest to this because, for one of the rare times in my life, I am ahead of the crowds. Ahead by several months if you really want to know, as it was back in May that I went along to see the show during a trip to London. What you can expect to see is the human body doing things that you did not think possible. It is truly stunning – my friend’s daughter sat open-mouthed throughout and afterwards said she had never seen anything like it in her life. And she plays football for the Arsenal girls team, so I imagine she’s seen quite a bit when it comes to contorting bodies.

Anyway, I’ll be going back, so book up and keep your tinsel in a box until December please.