Fiona Duff: EIFF is bringing home the Bacon

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
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So, it’s a lot of 70th anniversaries in the world of Edinburgh festivals this year. The International Festival, the Fringe and the Film Festival all reach their three score years and ten during 2017.

The Film Festival starts later this month and we’ll all be hanging about to see if some Tinseltown glitter is scattered over our city.

Stanley Tucci will definitely be coming, as he is introducing the inaugural People’s Gala and I get the feeling that he’s not the sort of man who goes back on his word.

It may be that Kevin Bacon, right, will be taking a break from selling phones to pop along to promote his new film. However, what is also groundbreaking this year is that it is all going to be so much easier to organise your ticket on the internet.

Teviot, a well established creative company based in Edinburgh, have produced a brand new website for the EIFF which means that planning to see a few films no longer involves leafing through a paper brochure with a pencil in your hand.

This Watchlist feature is inspired by Netflix, which is quite something when you cast your mind back about 10 days ago and remember the nonsense at the Cannes Film Festival – film producers were getting their knickers in a right twist about the streaming site available on your TV or computer. I can’t actually remember the exact details, but isn’t it funny how when something new becomes rather successful the old regime kicks off and tries to make their lives difficult.

So, well done to EIFF and Teviot for embracing the new to assist the established and make it all so much easier.

Apart from anything, this means that I won’t have to waste time trying to find a pencil sharpener. Instead I shall put my time to good use and learn some dance moves as well as rewatching Footloose.

You never know – I might bump into Mr Bacon in my local coffee shop.