Fiona Duff: Eustace was big crowd-puller

Photographer David Eustace. Picture: Robert Perry
Photographer David Eustace. Picture: Robert Perry
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As you may recall, I have occasionally had a bit of a moan about not getting invited to as many events as I did in the past.

Rarely a week went by without a request to join other freeloaders at the launch of a new bar, restaurant, shop or theatre production. Perhaps I have blotted my copybook by misbehaving – who knows?

Anyway, this week I went along to the private view of a retrospective of photographs taken by the acclaimed snapper David Eustace, pictured. Newly moved back to Edinburgh, he’s taken quite a shine to The Scottish Gallery on Dundas Street. It must have been the Weegie patter that persuaded them that, after 173 years, it was time to hold their first photographic exhibition. And boy, they must have realised that they have been missing a trick. It was also the first time that the door man has ever had to do anything other than actually open the door and bid a “good evening” to those coming and going from the building.

On Tuesday night it was a case of serious crowd management. As I left just after 7pm, there was a queue of around 100 people waiting to enter. It can’t just have been for the rather delicious cocktails being served in mini milk bottles. And it can’t have been just to mingle with the great and good of Edinburgh, not to mention faces from the West like Fred MacAulay and artist Archie Forrest as well as those famous chefs John Quigley and Andrew Fairlie. No, the photographs were stunning, as much of a work of art as anything a person with a brush can produce, and Eustace’s work is on sale for the first time. So many firsts.

It did cross my mind that if I was to buy a print, I could stick it up on my wall and pretend to guests that it was taken by my fair (albeit wrinkled) hand. However, anyone who has seen the shots I put up on Fackbook might know that simply isn’t the case.

Whatever, as the young say, it was just good to get out for a bit.