Fiona Duff: Every Lidl helps

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So apparently the winners in the grocery wars are Aldi and Lidl. To be honest, are any of you surprised? Perhaps if you haven’t darkened the doorsteps of these German-owned shops, you might wonder what the fuss is about, and if that’s the case then you should sort it out immediately.

I first ventured to Aldi when I was told that they were selling that magical Manuka honey for £3.99 instead of around three times that price in my local “health” food shop. I put health in inverted commas as there seems to be an awful lot of that dubious body-building stuff on the shelves, which I can’t imagine is terribly good for the young chaps who seem to guzzle it by the bucket-load.

Once you’ve seen the prices they charge, it is difficult to go back to one’s usual shop, even with my loyalty card racking up a good number of points when I do visit that orange superstore.

And it isn’t just the prices – the fruit and veg are really tasty, the meat is leaner and the cheap champagne absolutely tip-top.

In fact, the only creature in my home who doesn’t appreciate their food is my cat; not known to be particularly fussy, Rita the mouse-eater turned up her little nose at Lidl biscuits.

However they sell Go-Cat at the local Poundstretcher so I won’t force them upon her any longer.

The main problem with Aldi and Lidl is that neither of them is particularly close to where I live nor particularly easy for me to navigate my way there.

So it was with joy that I found out that there is one currently being constructed on Logie Green Road, which is so much more convenient for yours truly.

I suppose I had better go and cash in my loyalty points soon as I won’t be shopping in any other supermarket when those doors open.