Fiona Duff: Every rod of scaffolding has a silver lining

There are problably more rods of scaffolding than pieces of Lego in Edinburgh
There are problably more rods of scaffolding than pieces of Lego in Edinburgh
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We are having some work that needs to be done to the roof. A couple of weeks ago the scaffolding went up, although there seems to have been hee haw in the way of activity since.

As I walk around Edinburgh I so often kick myself for not investing in a company that provides scaffolding as half the buildings in the city seem to be covered with these pieces of metal.

In fact I wouldn’t surprised if there were more scaffolding rods than pieces of Lego in Edinburgh. It would certainly have been a much better place to put some money than the accountancy firm that went bust – what on Earth was that about, I often ask myself

I suppose that is the problem with living in a place that is renowned for its ancient and historical buildings. Tourists walk around with mouths agape at the Georgian architecture – I happened to see a clip of one of those daft YouTubers that my daughter follows filming himself outside The Balmoral saying that he felt as though he was on the set of Harry Potter.

However, the trouble with old buildings is that they need a lot of maintenance (not to mention the large fuel bills and the inability to get some of the satellite TV stations installed). I don’t suppose that there is much call for scaffolding in Milton Keynes. But luckily for me I don’t live there.

However, I am trying to learn to look on the bright side ever since I did that philosophy course a couple of years ago.

For a few weeks I can blame the dirty windows on the work being done on the top of the house. “There’s no point in getting a window cleaner” I shall say to friends as they try and peer through the grime.

Sadly that’s about the only benefit I can think of right now, but I shall definitely try a bit harder as the builders continue to whistle outside.