Fiona Duff: Get yourselves down to Limbo for a real treat

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I’m sure I’m not the only resident in Edinburgh who cringes every time I walk down Lothian Road. The girly bars which are as discreet as a fart in a library have no place on a busy thoroughfare of a major city.

Now, excuse me while I dismount from my soap box and tell you that a wrong is being partly righted and in the great battle for equality there is, until the beginning of January, a spark of light.

Ladies – you are in for a treat this Christmas because, finally, we have a male pole dancer in town. A delightful Frenchman, Mikeal Bres, transforms this tacky trade to a mesmerising art form, in a display of strength and agility that will take your breath away during the incredible show, Limbo, which you can find in the Spiegletent in St Andrew Square.

He’s not in a G-string, which is a pity as he’s a handsome boy and I reckon all that twirling will mean that he’s as fit as a butcher’s dog. I’ll just have to try and sneak into their dressing room one night.

And that pretty much sums up what the Underbelly boys have done with Edinburgh’s Christmas. For the past few years Yuletide in this city has been a bit cheap and nasty, especially down in Princes Street Gardens – more suited to Blackpool than a World Heritage site.

However, they have transformed St Andrew Square into a place that is sparkly and fun with a touch of class.

The Monument Bar set around the base of Lord Dundas’ column will probably be the place to meet during December, the food stalls are selling food that looks and smells tasty and my son will no doubt take a trip or two on the Star Flyer (although yours truly shall not be accompanying him as I felt a bit giddy just standing on that soapbox earlier).

So I raise a glass of mulled wine to Edinburgh City Council – for once they’ve made a good decision, one which we can all enjoy.