Fiona Duff: Having a midlife crisis? Hats my girl

Abigail Burdess
Abigail Burdess
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I sometimes wonder if I have had a midlife crisis. To be honest, if I haven’t, then it’s probably a bit late now. Unless I live to be over 110, which is highly unlikely and also outwith my budget.

I do often think that I should try and get a proper job, and then the next find myself suffering pangs of jealousy at the friends I have who are in a financial position to retire well before the government thinks that it is time to do so.

A few minutes later I consider what I would actually do with my time if I wasn’t scrabbling around trying to earn money to pay for food to feed my family.

Over at the Underbelly, Abigail Burdess thinks that she is having a midlife crisis and so she’s having a party, together with her glamorous assistant, Dave.

But don’t get your hankies out, this isn’t a pity party – it is just darn good fun which is verging on the bonkers but will make you laugh out loud.

In fact, I did need a hanky as at one point I had tears of laughter running down my face. I mean this girl knows how to write, with the Tracey Ullman Show and That Mitchell & Webb Look to her many credits.

And Dave Tozer just makes you giggle by not seeming to do an awful lot (that’s what you call performing, love). He also should win the award for male performer who has to wear the most embarrassing trousers.

Perhaps putting on a comedy show is one way of dealing with worries about getting older.

A friend’s husband went out and bought a new car when he hit 45 – she called it his “menoporsche”, which is as good as some of the jokes I have heard at some of the dodgier shows I have attended so far this August.

So I am off to raid my daughter’s wardrobe and go and hang out with the young folk at the Fringe. Crisis? What crisis?