Fiona Duff: Hooray, holidays are here again

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Eeek – it’s half term next week and as per usual I have got hee haw planned.

There is only one child left at school so it should be easier and cheaper to organise something but I haven’t got around to it yet.

There isn’t even a potato farmer nearby in order for me to send her off to do some back-breaking work with the horny handed sons of the soil.

Mind you, I don’t ever remember going away at half term. Then again I am one of six children, so my parents would have had to remortgage the house in order to take us all off to whatever the equivalent of Disney World was in those days. Was there even such a thing, or was it just Butlins?

I suppose I could have a look around for some last-minute offers, but unfortunately my computer is on the blink and you can’t really get a good idea of a place from looking on the tiny phone screen.

Luckily for daughter, she still has two grannies who are always delighted to see her and spoil her rotten. She can even get on the bus to visit one of them. Although as someone who has yet to venture over the new bridge, perhaps I will take a trip to Fife. I know it’s not Florida but that’s the way the cookie crumbles around here.

I have suggested to her that perhaps it could be a week of quiet contemplation and a bit of studying for the big exams next year. As you can imagine that went down like a bucket of cold sick.

The other suggestion that she tidied her room was met with the same reaction. And believe me – it would take her a week to do that! In fact she could tidy my bedroom as well, as it isn’t really in any better a state, just less sweetie wrappers on the floor.

The least that I am hoping for is good weather so that she isn’t hanging around our home the whole time. But if that isn’t the case, we may have to pack a couple of bags and head to the airport, crossing our fingers that the air traffic controllers aren’t having a break as well.