Fiona Duff: How can you be tight at the Free Fringe?

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This year I have done something that I have never done before during the Fringe. Those of you who know me will realise that this really isn’t a very long list.

But calm down, it’s nothing illegal nor immoral. I went to the Free Fringe – not once, but twice. Of course, it’s not really free. When you leave with the performer standing by the door, cap quite literally in hand and looking you square in the eye, a runner is out of the question.

The comedy show I saw, Ellie & Oscar, was very good indeed so I thought I would give them a tenner, roughly what a ticket would have been on the regular Fringe.

However, at the door I realised I only had £20 notes in my purse. Not sure if I would be able to ask for change, I rummaged around and found about £6 in coins which is what I gave them. If either Ellie or Oscar are reading this, do find me and I’ll give you the remainder.

Now, here I am telling you about a show that I thought was good, where another thing I have learnt this Fringe is that reviewers’ opinions and mine don’t always match. What they find funny or interesting doesn’t always equate to my experiences.

I traipsed along to one performance which had been given four stars and was so bored that I would have lain down and had a kip if I had been able. Then I start raving about a musical and the next day read a review giving it only two stars. It’s all very confusing.

Tomorrow, my last event of this year’s Festival is the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards. I’ve only seen one act on the shortlist, which means that I don’t really have my finger on the pulse – mind you, after so many late nights it is surprising that I still have one.

I’m not on the awards panel so my opinion doesn’t count and I really shouldn’t try and influence them. I’ll just say that it was an absolutely fantastic show and she deserves to win.