Fiona Duff: I’ll need a lie down by 2015

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FOUR weeks on from yesterday – that’s Christmas Day to you and me. “Where has this year gone?” friends wail as I agree with them.

I know it’s a sign of age when time passes so quickly, but on the other hand we do wish our lives away. A lot can happen in 28 days, and even more if you make an effort.

Certainly after visiting St Andrew Square earlier this week to see the talented bunch of performers who make a great show in Scotch & Soda, pictured below, I feel more festive with the twinkly lights, ice skaters and mugs of mulled wine.

But on the other hand, the weather, touch wood, is fairly mild so there 
are walks to be taken and hills to climb.

If I was particularly organised I would sit down and do my accounts for the tax man rather than waiting until halfway through January and end up poring over them into the wee small hours with only a calculator for company.

In fact, I should probably do a bit more work so I can afford to pay the bill which he’ll be sending me soon afterwards.

I could phone some old friends who I haven’t seen for the past 11 months and just have a chat, catch up and arrange to meet them before Big Ben strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

In four weeks I could change my hairstyle as well as my lifestyle and end the year looking and feeling much better (that mulled wine did leave me in a bit of a state the following morning, so that is one thing I have learnt this year).

So, here’s to packing more into four weeks than I have in the past 48 that have just whizzed by so quickly. Come 2015, I think I’ll need to lie down for a while.