Fiona Duff: I’m counting my blessings not trying to change

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Now tell me, have you made a New Year’s resolution? And more to the point have you kept it so far, ten days in?

I’ve had enough of trying to make life changing decisions so this year I announced that I would just learn to be grateful for what I have in life. To be honest, it’s the sort of statement that if someone said to me I’d stick two fingers down my throat and make a retching noise. But maybe I’ve become a bit of a hippy. Oddly enough my friend, jeweller extraordinaire Gaynor Turner (Macintyres of Edinburgh if you ain’t in the silver loop), came up with exactly the same idea, although she plans to take photographs of things that make her grateful for her life. That way, when she feels like a whinge, she can have a quick look at her snaps and break the bad mood.

So what is making me happy today, you may wonder. Here’s a list:

1. I live in Edinburgh. The summer weather may have nothing on Devon but at least I didn’t have to wear waders in order to get to the shop to buy a pint of milk this morning.

2. Tomorrow it’s my birthday. I don’t go big on celebrations but it’s always good to wake up on January 11 each year and realise that I’ve bodyswerved the grim reaper for another 12 months.

3. I own a spaniel. No matter what happens in life there is a living creature who loves me more than a bowl of Winalot.

4. I have an income – it may not be in the same league as an RBS director, but I can sleep at night.

5. I’m vaguely trying to do the 5:2 diet (too disorganised to count calories exactly) and today is not a fast day. That means this evening shall mostly be spent lying on the sofa watching Coronation Street whilst eating chocolate biscuits and drinking a glass of white wine or two.

Life really doesn’t get much better.