Fiona Duff: I’m more of a complainer than a campaigner

File picture: Greg Macvean
File picture: Greg Macvean
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PAYING for parking on a Sunday? WTF, as the young ’uns say. Mind you, for once in my life I totally get what Edinburgh council is doing.

Sundays are no longer a day of rest for the majority of the population. They are just another day to go shopping and meet friends for lunch. However, that’s as far as my understanding or agreement with this decision goes.

City centre shops struggle. They have to pay huge amounts on business rates and rents for prime positions. There is hardly anywhere to park, and if you do find a place, once you have paid the ever-increasing charges there’s no money left for new shoes or a plate of tapas. What exactly is the incentive for people to venture to George Street when the council seem hell bent on keeping them away?

OK, if you live in the centre of town it can be a bit of a pain having cars parked on single yellow lines and the resident bays that are pretty hard to find at the best of times. But if the heart of Edinburgh is to continue beating, it is a small price to pay in my book.

In the end it is really only about filling the coffers of a council that has the financial acumen of a piece of toast. They can’t even oversee the building of schools that are safe for children. Grand schemes into which they pour money turn to dust.

I wish that we could vote for a few accountants to go and sort it all out.

Then again, it’s easy for anyone to sit and complain. If I really wanted to sort things out I’d stand for election and try to change from the inside rather than moan to the local shopkeeper.

However, I am not sure I could bear the humiliation of only polling three votes (which would mean that only my family had put a tick by my name, although I am not sure I could count on them).

So in the meantime I’ll just stock up on £1 coins and keep on complaining.