Fiona Duff: I must show Fortitude over TV black hole

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I ALWAYS joke about my home being a Bermuda Triangle for anything digital. For those of you too young to remember, this was a space in which planes mysteriously disappeared a few decades ago. It was also a really bad Barry Manilow song, but don’t bother trying to download as it will only upset your mother.

Anyway, as it happens, in my gaff the internet goes down constantly and that buffering logo is replayed regularly in my dreams. Recently a friend of mine wrote a top series for Sky Atlantic – it was called Fortitude (pictured below) and I only saw three out of the 12 episodes and they were all in front of other people’s televisions.

Sky Atlantic is a channel that you can really only get as a Sky subscriber, which is difficult since the dish kept blowing off the roof. I was advised to downloaded NowTV and guess what – it doesn’t work with TalkTalk which is my provider of choice.

To add insult to injury, I subscribed to Netflix and started watching Just Call Saul which was very jolly and I seemed to be part of the zeitgeist on that one. I mean I could take part in online discussions, when I could actually be online, that is. Which is rather erratic. Then after episode 6 it just stopped working – episode 7 was not available it said. Perhaps there is a number I can call, but I also know that it would take half a morning to work that out, and that would be a few hours that I wouldn’t ever see again.

What I really want is just a few TV programmes on terrestrial television that are worth watching. I don’t want to have to flick through websites and work out how to stream – apparently Fortitude may not come out in a box set as the Americans don’t think that anyone wants them anymore.

Oddly enough they may have a point as I don’t know how to use the DVD player on our latest upgrade TV combo that we rent. In the end I suggest a good book. Girl On The Train is rather good.