Fiona Duff: I was tempted to embroider truth on pastimes form

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I recently had to fill in a form in which I was asked about what pastimes I indulged. Rather embarrassingly I couldn’t think of many. I play bridge but not as often as I like – so many of my friends say it is what old people do. Excuse me, I reply, have you looked at your birth certificate recently? I walk a lot but that is really because the dogs look at me with such sad eyes if they haven’t had a scamper in the park.

In days gone by I could have filled in that section with all sorts of activities; I used to do lots of sport and was happy to sit down in the evening and run up a skirt in an hour or so.

This is why at some point during August I’ll be popping into the Craft Scotland Summer Show which will be above The White Stuff on George Street.

I need to be motivated by some of these people to try and dig deep to find something creative in myself. I’d love to do pottery but that’s probably a bit messy and not sure my oven would be hot enough to act as a kiln.

Hats are fun, so I’ll have a look at Sally-Ann Provan’s stall, but in reality I rarely wear one so it will be to admire rather than inspire.

What I really fancy is embroidery. I love looking at chairs at National Trust properties with worn needlework covers and there are several seats in my home that could certainly do with being recovered, although friends will definitely be checking me into the local Derby & Joan Club.

Then again earlier this week I discovered a new coffee shop (yes, it seems there is always room in Edinburgh for more caffeine stations) on Bread Street called Fyul. In that very chic distressed manner they have several old armchairs that have been re-upholstered using chopped up men’s suits and it was really funky and effective.

Now I just need to find someone who is really annoyed with their husband and wants to chop up all their clothes, then I can get started.