Fiona Duff: It’s magic at the Assembly Rooms

Fiona's looking forward to magic
Fiona's looking forward to magic
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If there is anything that keeps you young I reckon that it is disbelief. You know what I mean – something that takes you beyond the grounds of normal life.

To be honest, most of the time I am a bit of a cynic. If someone does a good deed I just question what they are going to get out of it for themselves.

However, there’s one thing which leaves me in wide-eyed wonderment and that is magic. I mean, how do they do those tricks?

When someone guesses what card you have chosen or pronounces what type of fruit is written on a card in your hand I just gasp in disbelief. So no prizes for guessing what I have booked to see in the Easter holidays – the Champions of Magic are in Edinburgh for the first time, performing at the Assembly Rooms for four days in April.

And that’s not just one magician but five of the blighters performing all sorts of feats that will have me amazed and marvelling at what I have seen for several weeks I should think.

With all of them being American, I am expecting a lot showmanship, pizzazz and chutzpah, and judging by reviews of previous shows, that’s exactly what I am going to get.

One of them, Edward Hilsum, has the title of International Stage Magician Of The Year, so they don’t come any better than that.

Frankly I doubt that the Assembly Rooms will know what has hit it – this is a building in which Charles Dickens once read extracts from his novels and I doubt that there was any levitation involved in that event.

So I hope to see you there as I shall be taking my youngest child as well as my inner child for a great night out.

And if you see me skipping down the street afterwards don’t worry as I will just be celebrating the magic of being alive.