Fiona Duff: It's rubbish when bins are full up

Now, I want to talk rubbish. I know that there are plenty of people who say that I do little else and that's just plain cheeky. But this is serious, believe me.

Friday, 11th May 2018, 7:03 am
Recycling point in Sainsbury's, Craigleith

We have two boxes for recycling which are collected every fortnight by the council who are trying to market themselves as ‘Edenburgh’.

Do you get it? Someone must have been paid a lot of money to come up with that and pretend that Scotland’s capital is inhabited by two people who aren’t allowed to eat apples.

Well, we should have two but someone in the vicinity of our home nicked one of them and we are now so used to not chucking plastic bottles and cans into a black bag that I put them aside.

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When the pile grows too big I take them down to Sainsbury’s at Craigleith, where there is a large collection of huge containers for recyclable items.

However, I am not the only green-minded person in Edinburgh and for the past few weeks, whenever I get there they are overflowing. Absolutely crammed with bags of cardboard and bottles lying around beside them.

I am not quite sure who is in charge of these – the girl at customer services in the supermarket wasn’t too sure either but someone needs to get their act together. My son has just done his final year dissertation on green consumerism among students (he needs to go out more, I know).

One of the reasons that those questioned would be most likely to actually dispose of things in a green way was ease of availability. It’s a no brainer really.

For the past few weeks the boot of my car has been full as I fruitlessly search for somewhere to put my rubbish.

Quite frankly it’s a pain in the backside and the urge to just chuck it all in a roadside bin is, at times, almost overwhelming.

So sort it out please before I find out who is responsible and dump it all at their front door.