Fiona Duff: Little things can turn into real pane

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THERE’S been a bit of sun this week. Or so I have been told. The problem with the weather getting better is that it suddenly becomes so obvious that I haven’t had the windows cleaned for a while.

What with being on a road where the traffic has increased quite substantially over the past few years due to tram works, that big yellow thing in the sky was looking a tad grey and smudgy when I caught sight of it yesterday.

It’s getting around to phoning people to come and sort out the little things in my life where I really fall short.

There was a company I used to use, but they were expensive so I kept putting it off and hoping that someone would shove a leaflet through my door. Heck knows the pizza people know where I live so why shouldn’t someone with a bucket and chamois.

Yesterday, as I walked back from the park with the dogs, I came across some chaps polishing a neighbour’s windows. “Can you do next door, by any chance?” I asked.

Five minutes later there was a ladder against the wall and suds on the window. I mean, life really can’t get much easier than that. And they charged me a fraction of what the company I used to employ for the same purpose did.

I suppose the moral of this story is that so often the solution to many of our problems is right in front of us. Or indeed, next door in my case.

There are some things I can do with hardly a blink of the eye which some may find impressive; but point me at a dirty window or household machine that doesn’t work and I am wracked with indecision and the inability to actually get it sorted.

The feeling of achievement as I sit here looking through clear glass is quite unimaginable; although all that light flooding in does show up the fact that the sitting room walls really could do with being painted.

Now, who knows a good man for that job?