Fiona Duff: Marvelling at Circa’s performers

Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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At the beginning of this year I started going to yoga. It may have been a bit late in life to start, but boy do I feel the benefits.

My joints are less achy, my balance slightly better and I can actually touch my toes. I am really rather proud of myself. Or at least I was until I went to see Circa – I think they would be called a “modern circus” troupe – who are performing in the Spiegeltent in St Andrew Square over Christmas.

This bunch of performers do things that you would think are physically impossible. Touching their toes doesn’t come into it as they fling themselves around the stage seemingly with scant care for their lives. There were times when my heart was in my mouth, which was wide open as I witnessed these phenomenal feats.

Of course they have probably been doing gymnastics and whatever other training required since they were knee-high to a grasshopper. My teenage daughter and her friends have started doing yoga recently as well. When I pick them up from the class they are as high as kites, laughing about the positions their teacher has managed to make them achieve.

“You’ll be pleased you did this when you are my age,” I tell them, as they look at me wondering how it is possible to be so old. I might buy them tickets to see Circa just to expand their horizons on flexibility.

My friend who had sat beside me as enthralled as I have ever seen her announced that she would be getting tickets for her 20-something son, although she thought that her husband’s heart might not be able to take it – mind you that might have just been her worrying about him seeing the leotard-clad lithe girls on stage.

It’s certainly not panto, but for a family night out (or with a group of friends) it is certainly worth going just to see exactly what the human body is capable of doing. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to the Downward Dog and have another look at my toes.