Fiona Duff: Miracle for bad hair days is on way

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IF there is one thing that separates me from my husband it’s experiencing a bad hair day. He’s got only a little bit more of the stuff on his head then a boiled egg. For us ladies it really is something that really can ruin an event – mind you even Gary Lineker seems to have something going odd with his barnet out in Brazil.

In town this week is an American chappie with the wonderful name of Philip Sambanidis, which sounds like a magic potion.

This is quite apt as he is a chemist who spends his life formulating shampoos and is about to have a reality television show about launching a new range of products. Apparently he’s on the look out for some crimpers in the Capital to appear alongside him, so if your hairdresser has oodles of personality then you know where to point them.

So of course, him indoors can’t get his head around this – not needing to use shampoo or any professional haircare he thinks that the amount I fork out to the lovely Derek every six weeks is akin to lunacy. I point out grey hairs and split ends and he just thinks I’m lucky to have any in the first place, no matter the state of my follicles.

According to Mr Sambanidis, there’s something he’s working on involving coffee that could give our hair a bit of va-va-voom, putting a bounce in tresses and therefore a spring in our step. I guess it’s not just your regular morning latte, but sounds like I’ll have to wait until the programme, Synchronicity, airs before I can work out what it is.

Needless to say this is a bit of a shame as the hot weather this week has turned my mane into a mop – it’s dry and frizzy and when I tie it up in order to cool down it exposes the streaks that are a lot paler than the rest.

Not so much a crowning glory as a crying shame.