Fiona Duff: More to this than going without slap

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I’m not sure how many of you are signed up to Facebook. It’s one of those companies that everyone likes to moan about – gone are the days when it appeared to be a not-for-profit organisation.

These days there are shareholders and big corporations involved and it has to make money. This week I swear that they’ve changed the format again, which is just plain daft.

Anyway, every so often Facebook incites people to do something a bit silly. In past day or two, I’ve suddenly noticed a whole lot of my female friends posting bare-faced selfies, apparently in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Even the likes of Holly Willoughby, below, are at it.

Now, I’m not sure if I’m just being thick, but how on Earth is this raising awareness about anything other than the reason that the cosmetics industry makes so much money? Yes, a bare-faced selfie really just goes to prove that we all look better with a bit of slap. Or a lot in some cases. What is the point of spending one’s hard-earned money on lipstick and mascara and then sticking a photo of your unadorned physog on the world’s biggest social networking site?

However, what this coincides with is the announcement being made today at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Glasgow that the death rate for this modern plague is at the lowest for 100 years. This must be due to the activities of the health campaigners and charities.

There’s no doubt that half a century ago women would have been embarrassed about having a diseased breast, just as men would run a mile rather than having their prostate checked.

The fact that we can discuss these matters openly can only be for the better. Regular tests may not be the most pleasant experiences, but dying of cancer is an awful lot worse.

So, if you want to do something for breast cancer put on a pink bra and do the 26-mile MoonWalk or shake a collection can outside M&S at Craigleith. Just don’t be fooling yourself than not putting on make-up is going to help anyone.