Fiona Duff: My cheap flight’s a costly mistake

Fascinating A�da's song Cheap Flights strikes a chord. Picture: contributed
Fascinating A�da's song Cheap Flights strikes a chord. Picture: contributed
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So by the time you read this I shall be in that London town. I should have arrived mid-morning but two weeks after booking my rather cheap Flybe flight to City airport I received an email from the company. The joyous news that it carried was that the 9.30am flight was now going to be a couple of hours earlier. Which in turn meant that I would have to get out of my scratcher at about 5.30 in the flaming morning.

Now I am sick of these “economy” airlines treating us like a piece of rubbish. I book a ticket and then am hostage to their whims. Of course I could have asked for a refund but a fortnight on prices had risen quite a bit.

Frankly, it’s like Fascinating Aida’s hilarious Cheap Flights song which has had millions of views on Facebook. Google it – you’ll have a feckin’ laugh.

However, in other ways I am more than prepared for my trip. The first thing is to get one’s hands on a wad of bank notes with the Queen’s head on them. Shopkeepers are extremely wary of Scottish currency and do not always take kindly to my accusations of them being racist.

As well as that I have found my Oyster card for tube and bus trips (take note Lothian Buses – it is a much loved thing in the UK capital) as well as signing up for Uber. Black taxis in London have meters that spin round like a Catherine Wheel on speed and as we are going to a party in the centre of the city I shall need some sort of transport.

The underground system might be great but negotiating the escalators whilst wearing high heels can be hazardous.

The shoes will also come in very handy if I happen to meet an executive from Flybe. I shall be looking for something handy with which to batter them for making me interrupt my slumber in the middle of the night.