Fiona Duff: Nice to be nice, except to Jim Davidson

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You know that expression about being nice to people on the way up, as you never know if you’ll meet them on the way down? Well, it seems that there are some amongst us who can’t even be nice on the downwards trajectory.

A friend of mine went along to the Forth on the Fringe show at the Playhouse last weekend. Standing outside she realised that the man in the crumpled suit who was shambling around was Jim Davidson. A man whose career has, in no uncertain terms, peaked.

Being the chatty type Jackie, for that is my friend’s name, said hello when he next wandered past. His response was to look at her in the manner he might in scraping something from the sole of his shoe. In the show Jackie was determined not to even smile during his set. This, she said, wasn’t too difficult as he wasn’t very funny.

Now it could have been that he was deep in thought and trepidation about his imminent appearance before 3000 people. If that was the case he perhaps should have found somewhere a tad quieter to do his musings. Frankly there is no excuse for that sort of rudeness – a smile in response would have made a whole heap of difference.

On the other end of the spectrum we went to see Church of Malcolm at Assembly George Square on Monday. In the bar the three members of the band were there, enjoying a post-gig pint. Jackie had had her eye on the Brazilian bongo player during the show so, undeterred by the Jim Davidson experience, she went up to congratulate them. The next thing we were all sitting around a table having a laugh; them telling us their stories and us giggling at their tales.

Later as we walked back Jackie announced that the evening had been quite brilliant. Yes, the shows we had seen had been great, but it was that time after show speaking to people who were pleased to mingle with us that had been the cherry on the top.