Fiona Duff: No need to roll with the punches

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So to the Jeremy Clarkson “fracas”. Yesterday I was sitting in my car – a Polo so therefore not one in which Clarkson will probably ever placed his posterior – and Jeremy Vine was inviting listeners to call in with their views on the sacking of the Top Gear presenter.

One caller started ranting about how these days men are just a bunch of big Jessies (they were from Liverpool so that wasn’t the exact terminology, but you get the gist). Apparently the producer whose face met Clarkson’s fist was behaving like a “wet lettuce” for running to the local hospital with his split lip. What he should have done, they said, was retaliate with a punch of his own. This was what used to always happen in companies run by “real” men in the good old days.

Now that’s just one person’s opinion, but what was shocking is that it was given by a woman. In a world in which violence against females is seen as a non-chargeable offence in many countries and female genital mutilation as a rite of passage in others, I cannot see how anyone can condone any sort of aggressive behaviour.

What sort of human being blames the victim of an assault – it’s back to the time when women were seen as “asking for it” by wearing a mini skirt and wives were fair game as a punchbag when their husbands were in a foul mood.

I like to think that we live in a fairly civilised society. My children might be appalled if I were to venture out in a mini skirt, but I certainly wouldn’t expect any man to think that I was up for being dragged into the bushes.

Domestic violence, which undoubtedly still exists, can see the perpetrator being sent to prison, which is exactly where they belong.

There may have been many things that were better in a bygone age, but using physical aggression to remonstrate when you don’t get what you want is certainly not one of them.

Anyway, must go as I’m late for my kickboxing class.