Fiona Duff: On the trailer of some refreshment

Picture: Scott Louden
Picture: Scott Louden
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So yesterday I was walking around Inverleith Park with a friend in the morning. What with it being Easter holidays and no necessity to get up in time to despatch children to school, we met at a slightly later time. However, what we both were in need of was a cup of coffee. I had even remembered to bring some money.

Then to our despair, we realised that we had forgotten that the little horse box that sold coffee, buns and bacon rolls was no longer there.

When it had first opened just over a year ago, I thought it was a mad idea, but over the months I would use it more and more.

If the sun was shining, whoever I was with would sit on a bench sipping our cups of caffeine while the dogs ran around. It was really rather civilised.

But now it is no longer – and it would be good to know why.

I can’t imagine why the council don’t use one of the buildings in the park to create something more permanent in the way of serving tea and a bit of grub.

Apart from anything, it would be handy to have some lavatories. Occasionally I have been in dire need of a pee and not sure if the bushes around the edges would really provide enough cover.

Down in Cramond along the beach front there was an ugly building that had lain empty for some time. I do remember when there was a rather sad cafe which sold lukewarm drinks in a really appalling interior.

Everyone would have great ideas of what to do with it – mine being to raze it to the ground and build something else.

Then last Easter Monday it re-opened, with bright interiors and tip top coffee machines. There is soup on offer as well as paninis and lots of cakes. And it seems to be doing a roaring trade. I never walk past without stopping for a cuppa.

So let us have the same in Inverleith – there must be a bright spark out there who would help brighten my morning walk.