Fiona Duff: Police get needless flack, it’s time to ease up on them

McAlpine struggled with police
McAlpine struggled with police
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Police Scotland gets a lot of flak these days. Personally I have no idea if amalgamating all forces was a good idea or not, although I do know of those inside the force who believe it to be the latter.

However, occasionally something happens to make you realise that we are darn lucky to have them.

Wet Wet Wet first burst onto the music scene in 1987.

Wet Wet Wet first burst onto the music scene in 1987.

Last weekend someone forced in the main door of the building in which we live. They then gave the door to our flat a good booting as well.

To be honest they could have had a look inside and from the chaos that lies therein come to the conclusion that one of their dodgy mates had beaten them to the at of ransacking the place. The following day the police arrived, took statements, and then went away with none of us reckoning that we would see them again.

Well, as you can imagine we were stunned to find that the bobbies had definitely been on the beat, as on Monday night they apprehended the daft criminal who was trying the same thing around the corner.

Not only had he not bothered to try a new area, he had all his swag in the back of his motor.

There is a theory that the police know exactly who is behind most of the break-ins throughout Edinburgh but catching them in the act is the problem. The Champagne corks must have been popping down at Gayfield Square this week and we can all sleep a bit more easily with the new improved locks on our doors and one less burglar on the loose.

We still haven’t organised our summer holidays but there’s one place I know I’ll be visiting a few times in July and that is Edinburgh Castle. Not to look at the antiquities, but for the concerts.

Emeli Sande and this week Wet Wet Wet popped up for a 30th anniversary concert and I know I will be there.