Fiona Duff: Polishing up on my spa treatment

Four nights of rest, recuperation, massage and salt caves should do the trick
Four nights of rest, recuperation, massage and salt caves should do the trick
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As you read this I shall probably be sitting in the back of a car hurtling through the countryside of north Poland. I may well be feeling the effects of a night exploring the vodka bars of Gdansk where I spent last night. But all will be well as I am heading to a health spa for four nights of rest, recuperation, massage and salt caves.

Ever since I heard about Pod Tezniami a few years ago I have been wanting to pay a visit.

The Polish chap who extolled its virtues will have been showing us the delights of the ship building town last night, but he did say that his annual visit was a real health boost. I googled, saw the prices and was hooked. Compared to the far better known Austrian spa that a couple I know venture to each year, the cost here would be about one tenth of the price. Heck, even with the flights it was a good deal against the large sums charged at similar establishments closer to Edinburgh.

A friend mentioned that she wanted to kick-start a healthy regime and try losing some weight.

Finally I had a travelling companion who certainly wasn’t concerned about the lack of alcohol, and game on for trying something a bit different.

Just to consolidate this one of her treatments booked is a snake venom facial, whilst I am going for one that involves snails. Still – nothing ventured, nothing gained as my Brownie leader used to say.

So we’ll be pummelled and soothed, breathe in the air in the salt caves and join in the aquatic exercise classes.

We might try a bit of the Nordic walking and definitely be up for the in-house entertainment as I have never heard Polish music.

I doubt that we will understand a word any of our fellow guests say but I hope that we return cleansed and refreshed. Shame I forgot about the late Burns Supper I am attending just a couple of hours after our plane lands.

Slainte. Or Na zdrowie as I might say.