Fiona Duff: Proud to be a woman of straw

Straw shopping bags are THE thing to have on your arm this summer
Straw shopping bags are THE thing to have on your arm this summer
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Well that was a bit of a shocker earlier this week, wasn’t it? I mean, one night you go to bed thinking that the world is going a bit crazy and then you wake up to find that it has gone even more bonkers than before.

I mean, when I opened the paper to read that straw shopping bags were THE thing to have on your arm this summer you could have knocked me over with one of those new Mars Bars. (Yes, those shrunken apologies for a sweet – you’d certainly need more than one a day).

Anyway, anyone who knows me will be shocked to the core at this news. I doubt that they were aware that I have ever looked at the fashion pages never mind inwardly digested them and taken on board what I should be wearing this season. The fact is that I don’t think my dress code has changed since I was a student. It’s trousers and a top. Occasionally I might don a dress, but you’d be hard pushed to know what decade, or indeed century, it was actually purchased.

High fashion is just totally out of my budget – in fact I was over the moon when I realised that Lidl now sell some clothes.

I bought a blue and white T-shirt last summer for less than a fiver and was rather pleased when it was admired by a friend who is more likely to be clad in schmutter from Harvey Nichols.

However, the good news is that I actually do have a straw basket. My sister gave it to me many moons ago and I generally use it to take swimming stuff if I ever go to the pool. As I know I haven’t been swimming for eons it could, of course, be anywhere in my home.

So once I find it, you may well see me walking down the street swinging it at the end of my arm. And what a dandy I shall look.