Fiona Duff: Salmond good poster boyfor 5/2 diet

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I don’t really like to delve into politics here, but as the televised independence debate raged in the background on Monday night I was struck by something very important. It really does seem that the 5/2 diet works. Alex Salmond, after years of travelling to top notch hotels around the world (now a rant about that would take me over the mark, so I won’t start) was, the last time I looked, getting decidedly porky. In fact he was beginning to look a bit like a cartoon of some Victorian factory owner – all he needed was a top hat to go with his paunch and a few Luddites would have emerged from dark alleyways to beat him up.

Anyway, he appears to be a shadow of his former self, and it got me thinking that I should have tried a bit harder with this diet by which so many seem to swear. There have been Philip Schofield and Ben Affleck, not to mention Beyonce, who have announced that the kilos have melted away simply by watching what they eat two days a week. And frankly they didn’t really look as though they should be worried about their body mass index in the slightest.

To be honest I did try embarking on the regime just after Christmas, at about the same time that half the population realised that they were about double the size they should be and decided to lose weight. The trouble is that I have the will power and the penchant for abstinence akin to Oliver Reid (you younger readers should just Google him; it will make you feel better about bad behaviour on a night out), so keeping to 500 calories was impossible whenever I came face to face with a cheese toastie. Not to mention a Mars Bar.

Now if only I had started the same time as the First Minister I too could be looking a bit more svelte. I suppose if I run all the way to the ballot box and back in three weeks’ time I might shed an ounce or two.