Fiona Duff: Standing up for right to sit down

New road repairs appear almost constantly. Picture: Ian Georgeson
New road repairs appear almost constantly. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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I know that I seem to be forever going on about Edinburgh Council. However, I really do wonder if anyone in their offices actually talks to each other.

Right now, in the few streets around where I live there are three sets of roadworks going on as well as a few parking bays suspended as yet another developer works on a building across the road.

Now, it’s quite obvious that none of the elected representatives live near here as they would be flaming furious that it was nigh on impossible to park of an evening.

Indeed one of my neighbours told me only this morning that she got a ticket having had to park on a single yellow line yesterday.

Surely it would be sensible to stagger these works so that in one area there is only one set of works taking place. However, being sensible isn’t what Edinburg Council does.

And while I am on this soap box, why are they not doing something about St Andrew Square not having any Fringe venues.

Apparently the good burghers in charge of that patch of land want it kept as a place of tranquillity during August.

For crying out loud – Edinburgh is a place of relative tranquillity for 11 months of the year.

August is when we can hitch up our skirts, let our hair down and have a darn good time. Anyone who doesn’t like it can rent out their home to a bunch of Australian jugglers and seek some peace on a beach of their choice.

I’m sure there are a few other things that are bothering me just now. I mean is going 20 miles an hour really going to make our lives better or just get motorists hot and bothered, causing all sorts of road rage?

I guess only time will tell, although don’t expect any useful statistics to come from those who supposedly govern our city.

Phew, after that rant I need some peace and tranquillity. I think that the sofa will do just fine.