Fiona Duff: Summer suffering at the airport

Hustle and bustle of Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Steven Scott Taylor
Hustle and bustle of Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Steven Scott Taylor
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I know that I am not the first person to complain about the new security set-up at Edinburgh Airport (see that Ian Rankin and me, #besties), but something has to be done. Last Monday I was travelling to London. Not as part of that 6am executive red eye crew, but a leisurely mid-morning flight where I was greeted by a long queue in order to scan my boarding pass.

Of course that was just the beginning – I’m pretty sure every lane was open for our luggage to enter the X-ray machines, but they snaked back for the length of a few giant pythons. As I stood there for those 20-odd minutes I thought ahead to our summer holidays. If the airport can’t cope in early May, what the heck is it going to be like on a Saturday in July?

In no way is it the problem with the staff, who in the face of wearisome travellers (and that was before we had even started our journey), were bright and cheerful. No – there is someone or other at the top of the organisation, no doubt sitting in their offices fiddling as the passengers burned with frustration, who needs a great big kick up the bahookie.

About a month ago I returned from a trip to Dublin where we disembarked from the plane and then found ourselves waiting for about 15 minutes in the open air.

For once our arrival in Edinburgh wasn’t greeted with howling winds and rain, but if it had been that would have been a particularly lovely welcome to our city for a first-time visitor.

I would like to think that the chief executive and operations director (if indeed such people exist in that chaos) have some experience of running this sort of operation. However, it seems to me and other airport users that this might not be the case.

So whoever you are please sort out this pre-flying fiasco, because if we miss our flight for the family holiday in July you’ll have to face the fury of my husband and kids. And they are a lot more scary than yours truly.