Fiona Duff: Summer turn for big wheel does the trick

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I SOMETIMES think that when something happens every year in Edinburgh it should happen more often, if you know what I mean. In years gone by, and before the refurbishment, THE place to hang out at the Fringe was the Club Bar at Assembly Rooms.

Every night it would be packed inside, with queues of people at the door trying to wangle their way in. Wouldn’t it be great, we used to say, if this was open all-year-round. Of course our livers would cringe as we said this, but the fact was it would be impossible to recreate full-time.

The Hallion Club had a darn good try, but in the end it just couldn’t succeed.

One of the big hits of the festival over Christmas and Hogmanay in the past few years has been the big wheel.

Both tourists and locals would disembark raving about the views over the city and then probably go back with some friends. One thing that always worried me was that it might be a bit chilly at the top – I’m not too good in any extreme of weather.

However, those bright boys at Underbelly, who organised the Christmas fun, are bringing it back to Princes Street Gardens during July and August.

So, throughout the Fringe – whenever you want to escape a juggler or some other street artist – you’ll know exactly where to go. I know that it won’t get too cold at the top at this time of year, but being Scotland there’s no way that it will get too hot for this fair-headed heat-hating girl.

And that’s about the right timing as well – twice a year when Edinburgh is hoaching with
tourists and us residents let down
our hair a little in order to enjoy the city.

So this year, when I’m asked for my recommendations for the best shows to see, I’ll definitely mention that the best show in town is, as ever, the town itself and if you want to have a good look around without having to move from your seat.