Fiona Duff: There's moolah in animal molars

I don't suppose that you would know this unless you had to visit him, but there's a man in North Berwick who has a dental vet practice.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 6:23 am
Who knew there were specialists in dog teeth?

Indeed I know him, as Daniel the Spaniel has been having a bit of a problem with his teeth. The first sign was that his breath became absolutely toxic – I mean it could take you out from several feet away.

People would bend down to give him a pat on the head and then recoil with disgust when they got a whiff.

So we took him to North Berwick to meet the dental vet and a couple of hours later he emerged very groggy and with several gnashers fewer than when he had entered the building.

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Apparently he had some horrible ulcers that his breed can be prone to – luckily for my bank balance PetPlan coughed up, as it certainly wasn’t a cheap day out by the seaside.

While I was waiting to collect him I looked at some photographs on the wall. For some reason I thought that this chap only saw dogs, for indeed that was the only type of animal I saw there.

However, my eyes almost popped out when I saw pictures of him operating on a polar bear as well as what looked like a gorilla or some sort of large simian creature. So how does someone decide to be a specialist dental vet, I wondered. Did he train as a dentist and then decide that dealing with humans was too boring? Or did he train as a vet and then think that teeth were the only interesting thing?

It’s the sort of subject which is of interest as I have a son about to leave university and a daughter with only one more full year at school. They’ll need to decide what they will do to earn a crust.

Unfortunately neither of them is likely to become a dental vet, as I reckon that there is a lot of money to be made.

I suppose it’s too late for me to retrain as well.